Pacha Soap

Dr. Z’s Pharmacy is proud to carry a selection of Pacha bar and bulk soap products. With Pacha, when you buy locally, you’re helping to create livelihoods by supporting our mission through the set-up of soap shops, clean water initiatives and other sustainable ventures in developing nations. By purchasing our all-natural, environmentally safe and artfully crafted bath products, Pacha Soap’s customers provide opportunities for others to free their entrepreneurial spirits and lift themselves from poverty around the world.

  1. CREATE the finest environmentally sustainable products while providing maximum benefit to all stakeholders
  2. SUPPORT W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) efforts through education and donation
  3. IMPLEMENT sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle through entrepreneurship

Visit our location in Homer Glen to get great soap. For a selection of more soap products, visit our online store.

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